Officina Naturae Lemon Oral Care Gift Box

    Officina Naturae Lemon Oral Care Gift Box

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      Gift box is composed by:

      • Lemon Natural Gel Toothpaste - suitable for all types of mouth, because it does not damage dental enamel and helps to not irritate the oral mucosa and gums. Thanks to the consistent use, the Icelandic lichen extract and Zinc Citrate contribute to prevent the formation and removal of plaque and tartar.

        Formulated with a natural sugar that prevents the formation of caries.

        Perfect for guaranteeing health of teeth and gums, ensuring a fresh and good-smelling breath day by day.

      • Lemon Natural Mouthwash - product made with organic and vegetable origin ingredients. It helps to treat and prevent problems related to dental plaque and tartar. It keeps unaltered the physiological balance of mucosa.

         It completes and enhances the proper daily oral hygiene, with its strong balsamic and astringent action, thanks to the organic essential oils inside the formula. It includes Stevia Rebaudiana, which pleasantly sweetens without causing tooth decay. It includes also organic natural origin ethyl Alcohol, with antiplaque feature. Dyes, chlorhexidine, triclosan, fluoride and SLS/SLES free.

      • Eco-friendly Amber Toothbrush with a handle from renewable resource, extractedfrom wood pulp. The bristles are soft in order to not damage the dental enamel and irritate gums.

        Contrary to toothbrushes with vegetable or animal origin bristles and bamboo or wood handle, it does not ease bacteria or mould contamination.