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    O'right Caffeine Botanical Scalp Revitalizer, 50 ml

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      A fusion of natural caffeine extracted from coffee husks and precious plants revitalizes and soothes the scalp while strengthening hair roots to improve scalp conditions and impart a healthy glow to hair.

      This botanical scalp revitalizer is the everyday go-to scalp care product for a healthier scalp and stronger hair.

      This formulation counts on the following actives with botanical origin:

      • Coffee extract, with caffeine, which is capable of stimulating and repairing the follicles, thus strengthening the hair fiber;
      • Ginger extract, which has nourishing and stimulating properties to the scalp.

      Paraben free, silicons free, Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten free, Cruelty free


      Spray a modest amount at root area and massage scalp with fingertips.


      Natural Caffeine Extract: natural active ingredients and essence. Revitalizes the scalp and restores its youthful glow. Nourishes and fortifies the hair.

      Ginger Extract: contains rejuvenating properties and nourishes scalp. Stimulates scalp renewal. Strengthens hair roots.

      Willowleaf Meadowsweet Extract: soothes the scalp. Balances natural scalp oils.

      Fumaria Extract: regulates the scalp functions. Provides a soothing feeling.

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