Men! Get groomy!

Male grooming has changed over the past few years and here is why:

No one should underestimate the importance of feeling good and a personal grooming undoubtedly is a basis of feeling your absolute best. While men are not exception to this rule, we have observed a rise in those that now look forward incorporating grooming as a part of their daily routine. Personal grooming comes with many benefits including boosts in confidence for many that have begun their journey.  


Back in days you wouldn’t hear much about skin regimen for men or grooming guideline, however there is a huge shift in the evolution of male looks nowadays. There are few factors contributing to this:

  1. More personal care products and services are available for men. If you were born in 1980 or even 1990, there was no market for men personal care products except an after- shave and deodorants
  2. Diminishing of social taboo of male grooming
  3. The increasing role of social media and emergence of male beauty influencers and content creators that have destigmatized the notion of male grooming to a large extent

Although this shift is gradual, we look forward to seeing many more men feeling more comfortable, and navigating towards grooming and personal care, whilst continue to their wellbeing. But taking care of your skin is the basis of a male’s grooming essentials. Here are few tips to follow for better results:

  • According to the scientific research, men’s skin is 20 % thicker and they are prone to have oily skin more often compared to women. Therefore, an organic facewash with salicylic acid will suit many men.

  • Shaving is a daily regimen for many men; however, they might be disturbed by ingrown hair that becomes itchy and uncomfortable. A scrub helps to get rid of dead skin and speeds up cell turnover process, so regular exfoliation helps to minimize the ingrown. Look for a gentle scrub with the organic ingredients that will not strip of epidermis and will keep your skin barrier intact.
  • Hydration is a key to any healthy skin in skincare, so invest into a good moisturizer with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or a cream containing a mixture of antioxidants to promote cell renewal and oils that ensure long-lasting hydration.
  • Hair plays a significant part of any man’s life, good hair care products are important to keep your hair healthy. If your scalp is sensitive and dry, look for sulphate free products which are gentler on your scalp but still provide a deep clean.
  • A clarifying shampoo is essential for anyone who uses heavy styling hair products on a regular basis. The styling products tend to accumulate the products on a hair strand gradually making your scalp sensitive and hair dull. We suggest using organic tea tree shampoo to get rid of buildup, it also helps to restore softness and shine.


We live in era where we are changing many standards and male grooming is one of them. Grooming is becoming a synonym of self-care, mindfulness and health. At Foxyskin, we believe that taking care of yourself and being your best does not need a gender badge. And there is no excuse not to take care of yourself, the modern personal care industry has everything you need.

 The variety of offered genderless personal care products is unlimited nowadays.

A lot of organic brands have a wide selection of unisex diverse personal care products that are based on organic formulations while being vegan and cruelty free as well.

 And we expect to see more gender-neutral brands that are focused on active-ingredients based formulations and will work well on you and your partner.

After all, why can't men just reach for women's products on the shelves and vice-versa?