Foxyskin is a project of passion to bring together the best in personal care the world has to offer. The beauty industry is rife with an overwhelming variety of formulations and skincare routines.

We strive to bring you personal care solutions that guarantee success and deliver the promises they make, while being a natural, organic and sustainable.

Foxyskin was conceptualized on the foundation of one common ambition – creating ONE-STOP SHOP FOR GLOBAL ORGANIC PERSONAL CARE in the GCC, that brings the best certified organic solutions. 

The world has placed Europe and the South East Asian countries on a pedestal for their unbelievably advanced and innovative solutions, and that is where we turned to first. Through our numerous conversations with industry experts and skincare/hair care specialists, we were introduced to specialists in CERTIFIED ORGANIC  brands across Europe and Asia. Each of the products is handpicked keeping in mind UAE’s weather conditions and prevalent skin problems.

What makes these brands more special is their contribution to preserving the nature and their efforts towards a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE! Global consumerism is taking the health of the planet to newer lows. The brands on Foxyskin are combatting this by incorporating sustainability in their sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing processes, skincare formulations and packaging.

We carry brands such as: 

  • Little Butterfly London
  • Dhyvana Cosmeticos
  • Naveen
  • Of the Islands
  • O'right
  • Niance 
  • The organic pharmacy 
  • Bio et Caroube
  • Officine Naturae

We look forward to serving you the skincare solutions that you can trust and drive your #foxyskingoals to a happy and healthy complexion! Thank you for joining us in this endeavour.