Camellia oil control shampoo is suitable for greasy hair, it control sebum products. It's Parabens free, sulphate free

    O'right Camellia Oil-Control Shampoo for Oily Scalp, 400 ml

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      With the fresh note of camellia, intelligent oil-control factors and natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations, this shampoo regulates oil secretion, purifies the scalp and moisturizes the hair, leaving them refreshed and healthy.

      The Camellia oil control shampoo allows you to give back the freshness to your scalp.

      This shampoo contains the following botanical ingredients:

      - Camellia extract, with purifying action;

      - Smart oil control factors, which maintain the balance between scalp oiliness/moisturization;

      - Certified organic surfactants, with delicate action and easy rinsing.

       Paraben free, silicons free, Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten free, Cruelty free


      Massage into wet hair and rinse. Follow with a conditioner.


      Intelligent Oil-Control Factors: keeps good oil-water balance of the scalp. Leaves the scalp refreshed and burden-free.

      Natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations: no environmental hormones. Gentle lather. easy to rinse off without leaving residues.